Mug & Key chronicles the kitchen adventures, crafting explorations, and bad ideas of a family of history nerds and all around geeks.  The family consists of Crystal (the main writer), Amon (the main cook), and the Kiddo who is learning.

Here are a few of the type of posts and/or abbreviations you may run across in this blog:

HFF – Historical Food Fortnightly:  Recipes from the dark ages to 1960.  Hopefully the family will go through some of the huge collection of cookbooks they have collected.

HSM – Historical Sew Monthly:  Historical garments and accessories from the dark ages to 1945.  Hopefully Crystal will get some items off her To Do list and  up her sewing game.

IRCC – Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge:  A costuming challenge hosted by Realm of Venus focused on creating historical garments from 16th century Italy.  Crystal plans on participating this year.

SCA – Society for Creative Anachronism:  The historical group the family plays in.  The SCA is ‘experimental archeology’ where the members try their hand at the arts, sciences, and fighting skills of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.


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