Piemas Round Up

Whoot!  The Twelve Days of Piemas are drawing to a close and I can go back to not looking at pie dough for a while.  While I do love meat pies, the whole family was about ready to be done with pie by the last day.  Maybe next year I will make smaller pies.  There will definitely be a next  year, though, and we will definitely be putting some of these pies into our regular dinner rotation.

Amon wants to take another run at the pizza pot pie.

For the last day, I made small raspberry jam tarts, with the recipe found here.


Here are  the pies that weren’t blogged about in all their glory.  If there was a recipe from the internet used, I have linked it to the pie name.

Day 6 – Fried chocolate handpies

Day 7 – Eggroll hand pies

Day 8 – Buffalo chicken pot pie

Day 9 – Ganache and cheesecake pie

Day 10 – Cherry pies


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