Pizza Pot Pie

For the third day of Piemas 2016, we veered off course and went with a recipe Amon found:  Pizza Pot Pie, found here.


While I had listed pizza as something we would do later in the twelve days as it’s fairly simple to put together, this pot pie pizza had me intrigued.  Mozzarella, cream cheese, and pizza toppings.  Yum.  We removed the pepperoni, added mushrooms, and switched out the oregano of the recipe with Graziano’s italian seasoning.  Graziano Brothers is a local Des Moines Italian grocery.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to grab their sausage today before I headed back home.   They have wonderful garlic cheddar cheese in their meat case if you are ever in Des Moines.

I could have eaten the pie filling as a cheeseball without cooking it – hey, everything was cooked and or safe to eat – but it did make it into the pie.

The result was a warm gooey pie that was pretty good.  Next time, we might try adding a bit of pizza sauce to it or more tomato.  I am sure there will be a next time.


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