Lombard Chicken Pie

For the second day of Piemas 2016, I made a Lombard chicken pie from The Medieval Cookbook, Revised Edition, by Maggie Black.  The original recipe is from a medieval recipe book called The Goodman of Paris, written in 1393, by an older man for his new, younger, wife.  The actual recipe is for pasties, but we decided to make it into an actual pie for dinner.

I’ve made this recipe a couple of times now and the husband still gets excited when he hears that it is on the menu.  This recipe is definitely a keeper.


The Goodman of Paris says:

Chickens be set in a pasty on their backs with the breast upward and large slices of bacon on the breast, and then covered.  Item in the Lombard manner, when the chickens be plucked and prepared, take beaten eggs (to wit yolks and whites) with verjuice and spice powder and dip your chickens therin; then set them in the pasty with strips of bacon as above.

For verjuice, I substituted lime juice because I was out of lemon.  We also like the chicken and bacon in smaller, more bite size pieces.  Since the pieces are smaller, it makes more sense to dump the egg mixture into the cut up chicken and mix it around rather than trying to dip each piece into the mixture.  While the recipe by Black calls for the pasties to be cooked for about forty minutes, it takes a little longer for a pie.  We ended up cooking the pie for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.


Nom nom nom.




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