My New Obsession: Dish Cloths


Moss stitch

I have long been a person who creates things for the home.  Part of that was because I tend to always be broke but the other part was my hippy tendencies.  Why buy a pack of sponges that I will have to throw away when I can make scrubbies out of my mesh potato bag and throw them in the wash?


Granny square

While I haven’t made scrubbies for a while – partly because I am still using the ones I made three or four years ago – I am currently head over heels with crocheted cotton dish cloths.  I have been experimenting with different stitches and styles.  I haven’t experimented with anything but the basic cotton yarn from Walmart and Joann’s, but maybe in the future I will splurge on the nice cotton yarn.


Granny square star

Of course, most of the dish cloths I have made lately have got out the door to new homes.  I have participated in a number of swaps on Swap-Bot where I mail someone else my dish cloth and I get one from a different partner.  But one of these days I will have enough time to make duplicates for my own use, I swear.


Another granny square.  I love these colors.

Amon and the Kiddo aren’t sure they can really use the ones I’ve been receiving or the ones I have made.  But once the dish cloths been used and abused once or twice, the boys don’t seem to mind using them.


Diagonal weave

I find my patterns on Pinterest, Ravelry, and the infinite interwebs.  Just search for crochet (or knit, if that’s what you are into…) dish cloth patterns.  If I ever decide to learn to knit, I plan on making a few dish cloths first to get the hang of it.

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