The Kiddo Cooks: HFF – Cookies!


Mmm, dark chocolate chip cookies.

The kiddo has determined that he likes making cookies.  And he keeps asking us if he can make them.  Since the fourth Historical Food Fortnightly challenge was “Sweets for the Sweet,” I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.  Plus, this would be a historical recipe where I knew what the end result should be like.

A few weeks ago, the Kiddo made chocolate chip cookies with a recipe from Toll House cookies.  This time, I pulled out my favorite cookbook from my part of our cookbook collection, a 1951 Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book.

Recipe Book

The pride of my cookbook collection

I have two copies of this binder cookbook.  The first was a modern 2000 version I was given as a gift for my first wedding.  The second one I found in a book sale and snagged as quick as I possibly could.  I haven’t cooked anything in it until now, but I have pulled it down and compared recipes from different years.  I’m super excited to finally have a chance to cook something from it.

The Challenge:  #4, Sweets for the Sweet
The Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book
The Date/Year and Region: 1951, Americana.
Time to Complete: About half an hour, give or take.
Total Cost:  I say this a lot, but everything was on hand.  I think we bought the chocolate chips for about $3 for a package.
How Accurate Is It?: It is really accurate, but I cannot say it’s 100% accurate because we used dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet and we ignored the nuts entirely.  We used a ten ounce package of chocolate chips instead of the eight ounce package.  This also did not make five dozen cookies like it was supposed to.  I did have the Kiddo keep the cookie size to almost the teaspoon the recipe called for – he normally does rounded tablespoon sized cookies.  I think we managed two dozen.

Cookie Recipe

The recipe itself.

How Did You Make It:  The recipe for this one was pretty straight forward.  I introduced the Kiddo to shortening and mixed it in a little for him.  He thought it went much faster than when we tried to cream cold butter for the last cookie recipe.  Once we added the chocolate chips (and we did add a little more than we should have), the Kiddo was convinced that we had added way too much and that the proportions of dough to chips were crazily off.  Amon and I may have laughed at his concern…


The kiddo thought there were too many chocolate chips.

How Successful Was It?: These were delicious cookies.  I’m quite happy that they turned out mostly the way we thought they would.  We expected them to spread out after baking but they pretty well kept their shape.

We normally use butter in our cookies and so it was interesting to note the difference in texture between the butter and shortening.  The Kiddo really liked them this way.  They were a little more crispy and firm than the last batch of butter cookies.

All Laid Out

Ready to be made into cookies.

I am super happy with this recipe and the experience cooking with the Kiddo.  He learned a few things and we had a good time.  It was really refreshing to not have to worry whether or not we made the recipe correctly.

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One Response to The Kiddo Cooks: HFF – Cookies!

  1. Abe Drayton says:

    It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate chip cookies! 😀 Om nom nom

    — Tegan


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