Medieval Food: Sprouts

In Water

While I was looking for recipes to use for the Historical Food Fortnightly challenges, I ran across a recipe for sprouts.  In the redacted recipe (which doesn’t mean blacked out.  It means translated from medievaleese to modern English.  Weird.), the author suggested using brussels sprouts in place of the cabbage hearts the recipe called for.

As the family has really started liking brussels sprouts lately, I figured this recipe was right up our alley.  In addition, it was so simple I figured I wouldn’t be able to mess it up.

Title:  Sprouts, from A Boke of Gode Cookery Recipes

History:  This is a 14th century French recipe.

Family Involvement:  None.

Recipe:  The sprouts are boiled in water, drained, and then seasoned with butter and salt.  That’s pretty much all there is to it.  The full recipe with all the notes can be found at the website linked above.


Results:  This was a nice change from the balsamic vinegar drenched brussel sprouts we have been eating.  The boys both liked the butter and salt.  So did I, but I felt that I overcooked the sprouts.  I need to remember that little cabbages do not cook as long as potatoes…

Overall, however, I believe this is going to be a recipe we keep in rotation in the future.

… By the way, those are huge brussels sprouts.  I mean huge….

Huge brussels sprout

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